just want brows for fun :)

previous work that has changed color 

tails are too short 

hair loss from age or condition

no shape & no arch

victim of the great 90's pluck era

do any of these sound like you?

  • within the first 4 hours of your appointment, wash your brows gently with provided ink soap
  • wash brows morning & night for 10 days
  • apply provided healing balm 2-3x a day for 10 days
  • do not immerse brows under water from swimming, beach, sauna, etc until brow are healed
  • do not workout or sweat while brows are healing (especially while scabbing)
  • do not put makeup on brow area while healing
  • no face scrubs, lasers, retinol use or botox 14 days before & 14 days after

what are the after care instructions?

  • avoid alcohol, caffeine, aspirin/ibuprofen & any other blood thinning medication for at least 48 hours
  • no face scrubs, lasers, retinol use or botox 14 days before & 14 days after
  • if you are flaking or sunburned, let your skin heal completely

WHAT ARE THE PRE CARE instructions?

If you have had your brows done previously, whether it is Microblading only or with shading, you must have your appointment approved. Please send an email to tlbrowbar@gmail.com or text to 830-484-4169 with clear pictures in good lighting of your brows currently. Please remember that all brows can not be worked & most would need to be faded at least 80% before we can add more ink. TL Brow Bar does NOT “touchup” other artist’s work and all appointments will be considered new full price appointments. 

what if i have previous work?

Frequently Asked Questions

$550 initial visit + $150 touchup



Total Investment